Kyle & Kristy's Engagement Portraits ~ Jacksonville Wedding Photographer

Kyle and Kristy are such naturals in front of the camera! It was truly a pleasure to photograph them, as they made my job so easy! We can't wait for their wedding!

Love In The Library ~ Jacksonville Wedding Photographer

We had a wonderful session with Matt & Kristen wandering the Downtown Library, and then downtown! More images coming soon.

In A Back Alley... ~ Jacksonville Engagement Photographer

Just a quick shot from a recent session! More coming soon...

Changes! ~ Jacksonville Wedding Photographer

Hello to all of our one follower! It's so wonderful to know you are there, and care enough to check this blog! I just wanted to let it be known that are going to be a few changes coming to the feel of Vargas Visual. It's time we got a little more personal, and added some personality ( read spunk ) to our brand. So be sure to stay tuned for the Awesomeness that will be on the way!

PS- We're also on the verge of getting a studio! Oooo Exciting! Tons of money to be poured into decorating and setting that up, so if you've been debating on when to do your session, Now's The Perfect Time! Just sayin.... =)

We've been friends with Jarett and Dayana for a while now, and I can't tell you how honored and excited I was when Jarett asked me to help him plan a surprise proposal! I've done a fun photoshoot with Dayana before, which you can see here, so it wasn't that unbelievable that I would be asking her to pose for me again. So, we choose a day, found a great location, Worked out the details, and Viola! See for yourself:

Oh I love this one! Something about it just draws me to it. I keep going back to it. Love!

Swoon!! Love it! Absolutely a new favorite!

The set up... Can you see the box??

She said Yes!

Nicely Done!

Thinking about proposing to your special someone?? Let us help you, and be there to capture all the emotion of such a momentous event!

It's a small world. The more I get to know my clients, the more I realize how true this is! The second time we met with Shawn and Darcie, she told me she finally figured out why I looked so familiar. We were in the same dance studio ump-teen years ago! How crazy is that??
Last week, we met up with these two in Downtown St. Augustine to get their engagement portraits, and boy did we go exploring! All the way from one end, clear to the other. But it was all totally worth it, as it usually is! =) As you can see:

Something a bit high fashion =)

Aren't those shoes just awesome?!

Kyle & Kristy's Sneak Peek! ~ Jacksonville Wedding Photographer

Kyle and Kristy were so much fun! I love it when couples are comfortable enough with us to relax and enjoy themselves, and let their personalities come through the images. It really makes a difference. You'll see what I mean with the full post of images, but first, here's a sneak peek at two images I thought were pretty snazzy:

This one is their 'Signature Pose' =)

I love the minimalism of the above image!
I have found that alot of the brides I've worked with share my mentality when it comes to displaying images of themselves. I love great images of us as a couple, and I'll splash those images all across my Facebook page, Flickr, Twitter, etc. However, when it comes to displaying images in my own home, I'm not so eager. I can count on one hand how many images I have displayed of the hubby and/or family and I in the public access areas of the house. And the largest of those is currently a 5"x7". I, personally, don't want to have a huge image of just us hanging over the mantle, or the couch, or anywhere. Not when our beautiful smiling faces are blown up to 3 times the normal size to stare down all our guests. However, if I were to have an image such as the one above, a more artistic image, you'd better believe I'd blow that sucker up and proudly display it to everyone! =)
So this was just a thought I'd like to share, and to let everyone who feels the same way know, that there is hope! You can have great images of yourselves proudly displayed and artistically captured, that won't creep you out.