Kyle & Kristy's Sneak Peek! ~ Jacksonville Wedding Photographer

Kyle and Kristy were so much fun! I love it when couples are comfortable enough with us to relax and enjoy themselves, and let their personalities come through the images. It really makes a difference. You'll see what I mean with the full post of images, but first, here's a sneak peek at two images I thought were pretty snazzy:

This one is their 'Signature Pose' =)

I love the minimalism of the above image!
I have found that alot of the brides I've worked with share my mentality when it comes to displaying images of themselves. I love great images of us as a couple, and I'll splash those images all across my Facebook page, Flickr, Twitter, etc. However, when it comes to displaying images in my own home, I'm not so eager. I can count on one hand how many images I have displayed of the hubby and/or family and I in the public access areas of the house. And the largest of those is currently a 5"x7". I, personally, don't want to have a huge image of just us hanging over the mantle, or the couch, or anywhere. Not when our beautiful smiling faces are blown up to 3 times the normal size to stare down all our guests. However, if I were to have an image such as the one above, a more artistic image, you'd better believe I'd blow that sucker up and proudly display it to everyone! =)
So this was just a thought I'd like to share, and to let everyone who feels the same way know, that there is hope! You can have great images of yourselves proudly displayed and artistically captured, that won't creep you out.