Just For Fun Bridal ~ Jacksonville Bridal Photographer

Last year I got together with two good friends of mine to strut their stuff once more in their wedding dresses! The whole day was quite an adventure, with hauling a couch out to the middle of nowhere, getting kicked out of said nowhere, finding another middle of nowhere across the street, having people slow down to stare, and getting stuck in the dirt! Yet, I think these images are absolutely worth everything we had to do and more! See for yourself:

The accordion is her father's. In exchange for letting us use it, he asked for a few 'promotional' images of it, as he's looking to sell it. So this was one of them, as she is 'lusting' after the accordion....

Weddings these days are just getting more and more expensive. I love finding great site with some easy and unique Do-It-Yourself ideas and inspiration. And it helps when they've got easy to follow instructions, and pictures! I recently came across this wonderful site RuffledBlog.com, and not only do they have plenty of unique weddings to drool over, but they also have a whole section dedicated to DIY ideas and inspiration, WITH FREE DOWNLOADS! How cool is that?? Check it out!

Showing your Inner Model ~ Jacksonville Graduation Photographer

Sophia and I met up in Downtown Jacksonville to get some killer shots for her graduation of High School! It was definitely a blast wandering through the streets, finding great little nooks for portraits. Thanks so much for being such a sport, the pictures are definitely well worth the effort!

Keith & Michaela Get Married! ~ St. Augustine Wedding Photographer

Last year we had the pleasure to document Keith and Michaela's beautiful wedding day at the White Room Loft, in Downtown St. Augustine, FL. The day was absolutely gorgeous, as was the bride and groom! The decided to do a 'First Sight', and take their portraits before the ceremony. This allowed them to mingle with guests and enjoy themselves after the ceremony. Congratulations to you both!