New Album! Softbound Image Capsule

I have a new album to add to my line-up! I'm so pleased with the quality of this one, I really think it's going to be a hit! The pages are printed on photographic paper, like the flush mounts, except without the thickness in the pages. But you can choose between a soft cover, or a hard one, with choices of leather, image cover, image wrap, acrylic, and more! The company also offers flush mount albums in a variety of sizes, and claims that they are waterproof! Check out their website, to find out more!

On to the Pictures!

With this particular album, I chose the image cover, which is available in full color. When you order a hard cover, it also comes with a protective/decorative box!



The book lays completely flat!



Another shot of the layout. =)


Something that makes these albums different from the other flush mounts I offer is that they have a very small gutter between the pages. This will ensure that there is absolutely no discoloration in the crease.


David + Stephanie = Wedding Montage!

I apologize for the lapse in time since we've posted anything. Sam has been working hard on some wedding montages he shot earlier in the spring, and I have one here to show you! This is from David and Stephanie's beautiful outdoor wedding at the Wyndham Hotel.

If you wish to watch it in HD ( which is recommended ), please click their name below the video.

David & Stephanie Valiente from Sam V on Vimeo.