3 Sisters Fling Paint! ~ Jacksonville Family Portrait Photographer

This past fall a good friend of mine asked me to do some surprise family portraits of her and her 2 sisters for their mother. But of course, we can't just do any old family session. We decided what could be more fun than flinging paint at each other, and occasionally, on the canvas?? So we set about finding eco-friendly paint from the wonderful people at Mythic Paint, a canvas, and a great place to just kick back and have some fun! I hope you enjoy the results as much as we enjoyed creating the images!

CJ & Enjoli's Engagement Portraits ~ St. Augustine Photographer

This weekend we met up with CJ and Enjoli in Downtown St. Augustine for their engagement portraits. We found some great little nooks in the area, then rushed to the beach to catch that yummy light given off by the sunset. Due to St. Augustine being amazingly busy and backed up, we barely missed the sunset, but the sky was still aglow with some great color, so we snapped off a few shots before it all disappeared. And they turned out phenomenal! I can't wait for their wedding next year!

Rich & Kristy Tie the Knot! ~ Jacksonville Wedding Photographer